Galina Shevchenko was born and lives in Moscow. Already when a child she painted a lot and with great relish. She was affected by her grandfather – Nikolay Shchenkov, who also took much interest in painting and her father – Boris Shchenkov, who painted well. When small, Galina attended drawing classes in the Palace of the pioneers. However, she selected science as a primary subject for higher education and graduated from the faculty of calculus mathematics in Lomonosov Moscow State University. Later she passed Ph.D defense under the guidance of associate of the Academy of Sciences Dr. N.Govorun in Dubna in 1974-1980.

And still the love for painting lived in her. She dreamt of serious pictorial art all the time. The dream came true and her first work was created in 1992.

Galina lived in India (1982-1985), Bangladesh (1992-1995) and Pakistan (2001-2004) together with her family. There she took lessons from the best artists of those countries: Anwar Jahan, Samsuddoha and Changez Sultan. Upon her return to Moscow she continued her perfection in art with the Hohoured Artist of Russia Nikolay Zavialov.

Galina Shevchenko works in numerous styles and genres. She paints with oil, aquarelle, pastel, pencil; among her works one can find landscapes, still life, portraits, abstract pictures. Exhibitions of her paintings had success in many countries of the world. In 2000 she was honoured by having been chosen as a Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia.

Participation in exhibitions

  • 1993, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 1993, Dhaka, Bangladesh, personal exhibition
  • 1993, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 6th Asian Biennale
  • 1995, Chittagong, Bangladesh, personal exhibition
  • 1997, Dhaka, Bangladesh, personal exhibition
  • 2000, Moscow, Diplomatic Academy, personal exhibition
  • 2000, Moscow, State Duma of the Russian Federation, personal exhibition
  • 2001, Moscow, Maliy Manezh, “Golden Brush”
  • 2002, Islamabad, Pakistan, personal exhibition
  • 2003, Karachi, Pakistan, personal exhibition
  • 2003, Lahore, Pakistan, personal exhibition
  • 2004, Lahore, Pakistan, personal exhibition
  • 2004, Islamabad, Pakistan, personal exhibition
  • 2006, Moscow, “Town Day Exhibition”
  • 2008, Moscow, “Contemporary artists of Russia”
  • 2010, Dubna, “In memoriam of associate of the Academy of Sciences Dr. N.Govorun”
  • 2013, Moscow, Diplomatic Academy, personal exhibition
  • 2016-2017, Saint Petersburg, Private Art Gallery SolArt, Shtiglits Art Muzeum
  • 2017, Moscow, IZO Art Gallery
  • 2018, Moscow, The Central House of Artists, In the Space of the Daylight Exhibition
  • 2018-2019, Moscow, The Central House of Artists, The Charm of Winter Days Exhibition